Sustainability & Vision

"Twenty-five years ago people could be excused for not knowing much or doing much about climate change.
Today we have no excuse.”

– Desmond Tutu

Our vision goes beyond „the business as usual“.

Since there's currently neither a central sewage system, a central waste management nor a fully functional electric grid we're planning on creating a self sustaining environment for our project. Also in regards to building materials we rely on locally avaiable and sustainable materials, adding overall value for the local economy and people.

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Secured Water &
Energy Supply

At a depth of 180m beneath the Business Park pure ground water was found. This enables us to build wells and secure an independent & sustainable water supply for the whole project.

On-premise plants will deliver energy to the whole Business Park, the university, and the training centre. With the help of European know-how various types of plants, from hydro to solar and bio-mass combustion will be built to guarantee a stable & eco-friendly energy supply.

Ecological Construction
Rammed earth

Building with rammed earth techniques allows sourcing of raw materials from the region, keeping the economic value added in the area.

The goal is to establish rammed earth building techniques as the primary construction method by training the local workforce. With the help of small mobile construction businesses, skilled workers will be able to start construction in remote places without the use of concrete.

Labor intensive building technique results in job creation.

Sustainable livelihoods
for nigerian youth

Youth unemployment is an impediment to development. It results in poverty, which is, combined with a lack of future prospects, the major driver of migration.

Therefore, the primary objective of the project is to support the creation of sustainable and decent livelihoods for Nigerian youth, supporting economic development and thereby tackling some of the root causes of irregular migration. The ESME initiative aims to encourage European investments in Nigeria, create training and employment opportunities for youth, with a particular focus on women and returnees.

Business Park

Creating an eco-friendly self-sustaining park with access to water, electricity and sanitation for companies, students and residents to support economic and social development.

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Training the youth in market-oriented skills together with the local university and European SMEs to meet the needs of the market for a skilled and certified labour force.

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Start-Up Centre

Partnering with the existing Umuchinemere Procredit Micro Finance Bank Ltd (UPMFB) to support further business development.

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