1.7 Million m² total space

Of which 530,000 m² are allocated for the industrial park.

500 Employees

Working at companies located in the  Business Park by year 2035.

Job Creation

After completing the training and certification the graduates can start their own business or get a job with partner companies. Training and jobs for returnees; potential legal migration opportunities.

600 students in 4 faculties

Men and women will be taught equally in either the Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture or Faculty of Medicine.

400 practical skills graduates

Aiming to create a 1-year certification process for jobs in priority sectors; graduates will receive specialized training to start and own their business.

Sustainability & Vision

Providing sustainable livelihoods for the Nigerian youth through education and employment opportunities, while keeping the value added in the country and hence preventing irregular migration.

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Business Park

Creating an eco-friendly self-sustaining park with access to water, electricity and sanitation for companies, students and residents to support economic and social development.

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Training the youth in market-oriented skills together with the local university and European SMEs to meet the needs of the market for a skilled and certified labour force.

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Start-Up Centre

Partnering with the existing Umuchinemere Procredit Micro Finance Bank Ltd (UPMFB) to support further business development.

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